Lack of commitment to finish recruitment process

Dear Editor,
Since so long, many have written to the APPSC requesting them to declare the result of AAO recruitment test. The inability of the commission to declare the result till today reflects how incompetence had gripped the commission. Let me try to explain the situation so that other people understand what’s going on. There were less than 68 candidates who appeared for the said exam which comprised of 3 papers. These paper included General knowledge where a candidates has to mark his/her response on an OMR sheet and the other two were of descriptive nature namely General English and Elementary Mathematics.
Now I believe checking the OMR sheets of 68 candidates should not take more than an hour and also checking 68 paper of General English and 68 paper of Elementary mathematics should not take more than 2 months.
This lackadaisical attitude of the commission in conducting recruitment examination, which is by the way the only job it is assigned with, clearly shows its lack of commitment to finish the recruitment process within a stipulated time.
A time period of 2 years from the date of its notification to the date of declaration of main exam result is taxing on us. Good consistency is considered a great character in certain field such as cricket but being consistent in delaying conduct of recruitment examination, declaration of result and setting controversial question paper is not at all a feature the commission would want to be known for and who knows when the interview would be conducted and when the selected candidates might get their appointment letter and finally join the labour force.
With such work ethics, I highly doubt that the commission will be able to declare the result of APPSCE mains before the end of December 2020 since the number of candidates and paper is very large in comparison to the AAO Exam.
I therefore request the chairman and the secretary of the APPSC to kindly look into the matter without further delay.
A candidate