Sustainable method of development

Dear Editor,
The recent Kerala flood that resulted in deaths of more than 400 and turned lakhs of people homeless is a lesson to all.
Though it appears to be a natural calamity but it’s not.
The unending human greed for comfort & ease lives has been the result.
The reckless construction of 43+ dams across the state and neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu that released a huge volume of water is responsible for turning weekend of monsoon rain into flood that has devastated the whole state affecting every life.
The damages it caused and human lives lost issomething that is irreparable.
If we appraise the revenue and employment generated through those dams and damages it caused including human lives, economics activities, infrastructures etc, then it is certain than lost is higher than what it owes or what has been benefitted through it so far.
The question that arise it is what is the use of erecting huge structure such as dams as part of development when the same could be a destruction to other structures such as roads, bridges,rails, airways, buildings that takes time to build as part of development.
Above all, the loss of human lives is irreparable which ought not to be compromised at all.
Had the proper precaution been taken before erecting such huge numbers of dams, proper directives be given to peoples residing along the bank of rivers, streams to settle beyond danger zone, the loss would have been minimum.
Hence, it is a lesson to be learned & grief to be kept in mind before going for reckless developmental activities by the central & the state govt without considering future repercussion.
In fact, sustainable method of development must be adopted while going for any developmental activities.
Jeta Riba, Itanagar