Propaganda of reforms as their weapon

Dear Editor,
At the outset let me make it very clear that any news that is related to APPSCCE, affects mains qualified candidates more than anyone. It is very hard to concentrate on studies when a sharp knife is pointed on the neck of mains exam.
I request commerce candidates to make their stand clear. They conducted mass rally for demanding reconduct of entire exam by gathering candidates of all the other optional. Then they knocked the door of court for demanding grace marks and reconducting exam for commerce subject only. Now they are again demanding reconduct of entire exam. What is their final stand? All should notice that they are keeping all their options open in their selfish fight. They are not fighting to bring reforms in APPSC, but for their selfish end with the propaganda of reforms as their weapon.
Matter of commerce candidate is under consideration of court. We must trust court’s judgment than some rumours. Prove your case in court. If your grievances are true, you will get Justice anyhow. Creating havoc in media is nothing but act of desperation to get in the mains list by hook or by crook. Why to choose drama over truth? However, I sincerely pray for all the commerce candidates to get Justice from court.
Silences of mains qualified aspirants don’t mean that we will be mute spectator. We are focused on our study, that’s all. We will fight for our cause with all the legal stick if situation demands.
Disturbed mains
qualified candidate