Make SSB independent and statutory

Dear Editor,
The recent cabinet decision under the leadership of CM Pema Khandu to introduce a SSB(staff selection board) is a welcome and appreciable step.
In fact everybody has welcomed the decision since basic objectives is to do away with job scams.
The decision to introduce SSB is to do away with deep rooted nepotism, bribery, contract in departmentally recruitment of staffs.
Due to such huge scam involved in govt. job, the hardworking students belonging to economically weak families are being deprived.
In other words, the genuine and deserving individuals fails to secure jobs.
Meanwhile such corruption in jobs has huge negative impact on quality education and status of education as a whole.
It is pertinent to note that the primary purpose of education is to secure a decent govt. job beside other.
But due to scams involved in departmental recruitment- it evoke a general perception among children, young and adult etc that without money or political backing or nepotism securing a govt. job is next to impossible.
As a result, especially children from rural areas and belonging to economically poor families deviate themselves from studies & later many dropout at middle, secondary higher secondary level.
Further, many have left schools, colleges and indulge in other activities like student politics, business and antisocial activities.
As such the quality education declines and drops out or out of school or college rate increases.
In fact, hardly 10-20 percent of students strive to excel in studies while rest of the students just aims to get the certificate or degree without striving to excel in respective course or subject.
Hence, introduction of SSB is a welcome step.
However, the question that arise is
1. Will it be reliable & trustworthy?
2. Will it be free from scams & influence of politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats?

Furthermore, the question arise is;
1. Who will be the members of board and who will be the authority to appoint them or in other words what will be the procedure for constitution of the members of the board?
2. Will the board be independent and statutory??
3. Will the members constitute of IAS officer or state civil servant?
Thus, until and unless the SSB is made independent and statutory, the members of the board constituted of highly credible persona of state or central civil servant, it cannot be said to be reliable & trustworthy.