Hopes from SSB and lessons for APPSC

Dear Editor,
I would like to jot down few lines for our young and dynamic Chief Minister Pema Khandu. First of all I really appreciate the decision of present government to recruit Post of Group – C through Staff Selection Board (SSB).
The recent SSB bill passed by the state assembly has given lots of hope to the deserving unemployed youths of the state. The work culture and ethic of our government department staff is below national standard. The lackadaisical attitudes of government servants towards their duty are not only found in department but sadly in the state civil secretariat also. I wonder if the work culture and ethic of civil secretariat is questionable than what would be the condition of the departments in far flung areas of the state.
Except HCM and CS office; there is lapse of staffs in duty hours.
When deserving unemployed youths are selected through SSB; for sure there would be change in the work culture and ethics in the department. But as many have said – theoretically every government initiative are good but practically worst in implementation.
Will Staff Selection Board (SSB) meet the expectations of the general public? Albeit government may appoint retired IAS officer for the post of SSB Chairman but board member such as DC in district may succumb under the pressure of local MLAs and who knows there would be paper leakage in SSB like it happened in SSC, which was held in the month of February, 2018.
Regarding the controversies swirling around the APPSC; your government have not uttered a single word. Your silence on this subject has disheartened many and has raised a question mark on credibility of your government. From reliable source it is learnt that your government has nodded APPSC to go ahead with the APPSCCE mains exam. The much fanfare felicitation programmes organised by your MLAs wherein same has given Lakhs of rupees even to non – serious aspirants itself is a manifestation.
The deprived aspirants and their good Samaritans like Prof Padung have time and again displayed the questions which are out of syllabus. It seems your government and the APPSC is emphasizing more on the wrong answer keys which were feed by the clerks as stated by the APPSC Secretary. But contrary to this claims the case is totally different. It is pertinent to mention here that the grievances of deprived aspirants are for the errors in questions, out of syllabus, plagiarism and no moderation in question papers. This is the same reason for which the previous APPSCCE exam was re – rescheduled. Apart from this, the APPSC secretary have confessed that there were errors this time which were not there in last exam.
If your government is unable to address the grievances of deprived aspirants then direct the APPSC to declare the results of previous APPSCCE exam. As because the grievances of last year is same as of today; even if APPSCCE exam is held then what action should be taken against those staffs that are responsible for feeding wrong answers. The APPSC says human error but human errors for 76 aspirants are a huge number! For how long those staffs involved in frequent human errors will hold the office? For how long innocent aspirants will bear the brunt of such uninterested officials & staffs; for how long this unabated protest of deprived aspirants will continue?
Frustrated Aspirants