Govt’s silence

Dear Editor,
It is very saddening to see even after all these repeated and deliberate mistakes committed by APPSC our state govt have not uttered a single word against the commission .
Your silence makes us question your seriousness and commitment towards a corruption free system. Mistakes are even bigger this time, but still no law maker want to question the commission.
Don’t turn a blind eye to this. Can’t you see that students are running pillar to post seeking justice.
I wonder where are those members of so called Steering committee formed during the time of APPSCCE fiasco. Why are they silent now? Their silence has proved that these people lack integrity and credibility and they had spear headed the movement for their own vested interest.
CM’s intervention and needful action on the matter will surely re-establish the lost faith in the Govt and make people believes that the government stands for justice. Not only the APPSC aspirants but even your harshest critics will appreciate if you intervene and do the needful.
Frustrated aspirant