As I see It

Dear Editor,
It has been observed, over a long period of time, that many people have expressed their feeling/anger/concern over lack of toilet facilities, safe/clean water supply, adequate sitting arrangements specially benches and desks in schools. Let’s not talk about facilities and other education related amenities in govt schools; they are just non-existing.
Even if there are some in centrally run schools, the facilities are not up to the expectation.
Forget about the perpetual shortage and or late supply of text books; which itself shows the lackadaisical attitude of all concerned right from the headmasters/principals to the supposed to be highly educated education ministers.
And, then, with that ‘Not My Business’ attitude, we all talk shamelessly about bad performance of students in examinations.
The article published in your esteemed daily, on 07 Sept 2018, ”Governor calls for improving facilities in primary schools,” is but one of the repeated reminders by the head of the state to the governments of this Kushi Marzi Kushi Kushi land.
How much he interacts with Chief Minister and influences him towards such illness and cures them is left to public imagination. There is nothing like top priority of one department over the other.
But sure one issue can be accommodated later or with constant urgency for that is not going to affect the society badly. But education is one sector where the society has no choice but to impart education to children nicely, properly with unflinching consistency if it has to get better, responsible, and patriotic and law abiding citizens.
Hence basic facilities are the first need of schools. One can just visualize the untold miseries that girls suffer due to lack of toiletry facilities. Much hyped Swachh Bharat need to be extended to creating facilities to schools. Denial of facilities to the younger generation means creating a society with half baked citizens that is bound to be nuisance to all- rich and poor alike. People who matter must pay attention towards this human development with seriousness and sincerity.
A Concerned Citizen