Is it a joke?

Dear Editor,
For the last one year, the aspirants of APCS exam had been through a lot of tensed and clenched situation. The commission has been unable to deliver a clear lucid prelim examination. With so many grievances, the prelims were held twice!
The demands of aggrieved commerce students are legit regarding the question errors but their demands of re-conducting the prelim examination sounds very conflicting and one sided opinion.
All the qualified aspirants are quiet in this matter but that doesn’t mean we lack interest.
But if the commerce students keep on putting nonsensical demands like re-conducting the prelim examination, that would definitely hamper the current scenario and struggles of mains qualified students. Re-conducting would basically mean reading the same books again for the third year!
Is it a joke? Make demands on behalf of all not only for a particular section.
APCS aspirants