How long must we suffer?

Dear Editor,
I am very sad, angry, frustrated and almost fatigued with the way this APPSCCE wind is blowing. I am sad because of the deplorable state of this institution of our State. I am angry because there is no peace of mind. Being stationed in south India, every time I come for exam, I have to spend several thousands of rupees and a week for the journey. And now, the uncertainty again! Time is not far away when fatigue will set in.
Every other day the wind direction changes and with it raises and dashes the hopes of the aspirants. How long must we suffer? Mandate for the Commission is to conduct exams and select able candidates for administration and efficient function of the State government. How far successful has it been? How many more mistakes before they learn? The inefficiency and alleged corruption is not only causing pain to the aspirants but also causing huge losses to the State. Many a brilliant minds must have been discouraged by the acts of the Commission, even in the past. Now, even the aspirants are pitched against each other. On the one side are those who wants to write the mains exam and on the other, those that wants the exam to be re-conducted, beside the demand of the commerce candidates. The Commission, rather than performing its mandated duty properly and sincerely, is only playing with the dreams and lives of young Arunachalees.
Hopefully Mains candidate