Trip down memory lane

[ Harshita Baruah ]

The phrase, “school life is the best life”, says how life is all about learning something innovative.
It was 2008 when I entered St Mary’s, and the memories are still fresh in my mind. I have captured memories of my school from the gate itself. My school has not changed. The tiny desk-benches of kindergarten (KG) remain the same. I still recall spending time there.
Getting admitted to St Mary’s was a dream of my mother. Since my father was working in the Indian Air Force, I spent toy-strewn nursery days at AF School Jamnagar.
It was only after my father’s VRS that we moved to Guwahati and I took admission in KG.
I knew very less about anything, except one language.
“Oh, she speaks Hindi!” -that was the only line I remember from the sisters at the school interview.
Soon I accustomed myself to St Mary’s, with no profound feeling of disquiet of my early days in nursery and started attending school happily from the very first day.
We had great fun; played all day during primary days, because that is how we learned. We had a little world of ours in which we were all very happy. We knew nursery rhymes by heart. Teachers helped us in a great way into learning early phonetic skills. We learned to be self-dependent and responsible in middle school. The various competitions and programmes helped us discover our hidden talents and our teachers helped us in this.
The years spent at high school are some of the most important and formative years of a student’s life.
It is said that “small memories make the best memories”, and indeed it is true. This is the time where we made some wonderful memories which we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives. It is in this place which we call our second home, that we learned what friendship really meant. This bond had some special powers and it got stronger through each programme and activity.
No matter how tired we were, a simple call from our teachers was all we needed to make us work like anything just to make the event successful. During this time we made some amazing memories -not only with our classmates -but also with our juniors and seniors. We all shared a strong bond and were ready to stand up for one another in times of need.
The most lovable functions are the sports and parents’ days which helped us get involved in extracurricular activities and broadened our thought’s spectrum. Above all, PT is our most preferred class. We never get tired even after playing basketball, badminton and kho-kho at the sun-kissed ground.
But time flew and I can’t begin to think how these 11 years of my school life have gone by, and my high school journey is going to end.
During these past years, the excursions have been an unforgettable part of us. Whether it was a class picnic to Srimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra, to the Brahmaputra Resort or the three days stay at Shillong, we enjoyed to the fullest. From riding on elephant’s back to seeing the Elephant Falls, we all had a great experience and also learned a lot.
Whilst I go back to our group class photos, they do not seem like mere pieces of paper, but so much more. I shall preserve those important events; they are the reflection of our early days and bring back memories of yesteryears.
(The contributor is a student of Cl-X , St Mary’s School, Guwahati)