International suicide prevention day

Dear Editor,
September 10 international suicide prevention day. Sneha, an organisation founded by Dr. Lakshmi Vijaykumar, has done commendable service to humanity especially in preventing student suicides. It is often shocking to read in newspapers about the spurt in suicides among students.
Often their inability to open up their bottled-up feelings to the right person ,who can give timely & correct advice, makes them take this extreme step.
Teachers and Parents should be trained to spot in students, the warning signs like depression, lack of enthusiasm, sudden withdrawal from friends, their falling grades, low self-esteem and most importantly devote time to listen to their fears and anxieties.
Parents should identify the natural flair of children and allow them to pursue that, instead of pushing them to do things they dislike and try to live their own unrealized dreams through their children.
T. S. Karthik, Chennai