Long sequence of controversies

Dear Editor,
APCS aspirants have failed to understand the real problem of fight they are fighting. It must be visible to all. They should know that, all of them are the victims and no one has faulted. Even their love ones suffer along with them.
In these unfortunate repeating events, officials of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) stand guilty. It is not the first controversy due to error of APPSC officials. There have been long sequences of controversy, one after other.
The most troubling is that the officials still have failed to see how terribly they have failed their duties and responsibilities. At least they should try to understand that sufferings and hardships facing the aspirants have been because of them. The institution (APPSC) is disgraced and the Arunachal looks more unjust.
Having seen APPSC’s dark whirlwind which has engulfed everything and exhausted candidates economically & mentally, punished for no reasons; everyone must take a pledge that they will do their duty with dedication and responsibility.
Ratan Nongkin