PPA has woken up from slumber to speak against deprived

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) statement on APPSC which was published recently. Peace is not only absence of war rather it is presence of justice. Without justice peace will not prevail in this land. We are seeking justice for repeated blunders, mismanagement and inefficiency of the Commission to conduct the most prestigious exam of the state. It is a matter of great shame for political party like PPA for meddling with poor deprived aspirants.
Needless to repeat but noteworthy to convey the PPA that in the last 10 years; in every exam aspirants have witnessed anomalies and blunders committed by the APPSC which includes unchecked answer sheets, leakage of question papers, feeding of wrong answer keys; repeated human errors, phase wise result notifications, plagiarisms, errors in questions, ambiguous questions which have more than one correct answers and questions which had no correct answer options at all.
In a neck and neck horse race such repeated blunders and anomalies are very serious issues. The matter is to select the best of the best brain through APPSCCE (Prelims) exam but in repeated oversight atmosphere – many aspirants are deprived of their rights as enshrined in the article 14 of Indian constitution.
Last year, PPA went for hibernation; when some aspirants complained that APPSC has copied questions from Pakistan based website and that there were no moderation in question paper for which the Commission re – conducted the same exam this year. I never expected that the party will make such illogical, immature and futile statements against the deprived aspirants. Last year complains was against mass copy pasting, error in questions, out of syllabus etc.
This time intensity of our grievances is higher than that of previous year. The APPSC Secretary has confessed that indeed there were human or clerical errors in feeding answers keys to OMR sheet; we are questioning, how comes that OMR sheet of 76 aspirants were feed with wrong answer keys. These OMR sheets of 76 candidates are things to be worried about; as there are very possibilities that the said clerk who feed wrong answer keys can also feed right answer keys even to the OMR sheets of non – serious aspirants and those non – serious aspirants can occupy the seats which were meant for serious aspirants. An OMR sheet of 76 applicants is a huge number! This can’t be ignored easily.
Since 1979, the leaders of PPA has been witnessing potholes, dilapidated institutions, corruptions systems particularly in backdoor appointment of government job and in siphoning of public money. What reformation you have brought-forth in education and recruitment system upto this day? You just kept mum in all job scams simultaneously in all controversies of APPSC for last 38 years and miraculously this time you woke-up from your deep slumber to raise voice against deprived aspirants. Gone are the days when public were not well aware but not now.
Deprived Frustrated Aspirants