Have a heart for the Ex- Servicemen

Dear Editor,
There are considerable number of Ex- Servicemen, widows and their wards in our state who are deprived of their centrally sponsored facilities due to non-existence of correct platforms. States like Uttrakhand and Punjab have very well organized govt supported Rajya Sainik Boards that ensure placement of ESM (and their wards) post retirement in various schemes.
In Arunachal Pradesh the authorities designated/tasked to solve Ex-Servicemen’s grievances/claims have neither the knowledge nor the will to work on their welfare issues. Trained, disciplined, capable and law abiding manpower are wasted just like that. Pray that people who are at the helm of affairs do something by creating platforms like Rajya Sainik Board so that Ex-Servicemen’s problems can be addressed. Leave their well being/concerned subjects to the routine state administration, I can vouch as has been seen; nothing will be done for the ESM even though the present CM of the State himself is son of an ESM.
There are people who don’t even want to look at an army man. In such scenario we cannot encourage our youngsters to join the Armed Forces. Burden of providing employment is achieved by other states by sending their men to the central pool of jobs, and defence gives the maximum opportunity.
Overall, our country men can’t see one thing that, through out the world, majority of the countries that take care of their servicemen during and after the service are the ones that are most developed, powerful and organized. And, who could understand them better than the Governor of the state who himself is a war veteran. He has seen the worst days! Who can understand the pain and sufferings of Ex-Servicemen, widows and their helpless wards than him? I pin my hope on him that he would revisit the welfare issues pertaining to ESM and solve them during his tenure; at least some of them like Rajya Sainik Board.
A Concerned Arunachalee