Commission’s playing field

Dear Editor,
Now that APPSC has come up with its affidavit mentioning there were out of syllabus question in the commerce paper. Now what next? It raises too many serious questions but one question that can’t be ignored is, how did the commission compensated for 49 out-of-syllabus questions?
Because 49 is a huge number! 49X2 = 98 marks.So even if an aspirant studied for it day in and day out, he/she can’t make it to the list unless you took too many chances without knowing what is being asked or you are completely out of the box because prelims is a stage where a candidate gets out of the race for a mere 1 mark!
Nowhere is the level playing field that the commission is expected to maintain? I don’t know about level playing field but commission is surely making it a playing field by making mistakes after another.
And to top it, it acts so adamant by not accepting its mistakes that the students have to go to court to make their voice heard.
Also, other optional paper aspirants have made it look like it’s a commerce vs. xyz paper. But it is not! Some people accused us of wanting a piece of cake but now since the commission itself has agreed to our claims of questions being out of syllabus,it is for you to judge if we really were fighting for our rights or for wanting a piece of cake.
Deprived commerce candidate