Unresponsive portal

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw your kind attention that a section of bureaucrats and staff members handling the suggestions and feedbacks sent to the online portal Write to pm (https://pmopg.gov.in/pmocitizen/Grievancepmo.aspx) are not always being attended sincerely. I have used this excellent online service several times previously; and most of the suggestions were disposed positively and professionally. Mails pertaining to other departments and ministries were redirected from PMO to their appropriate venues; and even directed to state and union territories government offices depending on feedback or complaints. I have received detailed follow up letters regarding issues that I have raised from corresponding Central and State Government offices in the past; that is so much appreciated. I am grateful to the Government of India for this opportunity as it directly connects the Indian diaspora to provide direct suggestions and feedback for the future development and betterment of India. But a section of the officers and/or staff posted in this grievance handling department is not doing their jobs and not taking any action regarding messages/grievances/suggestions/feedbacks sent to PMO. The portal does not allow an individual to direct a mail to a specific Ministry and they are disposing most of important suggestions even without passing it electronically to the appropriate ministry or department. This is thoroughly unacceptable in a democratic platform. I request the Government of India to investigate and take strong actions against lazy and inefficient staff and officers who are disgrace to a great nation like India. They are doing great harm to the nation by not directing suggestions and feedbacks received through online portal to appropriate agencies and disposing materials according to their sweet will.
Saikat Kumar Basu,