It is a bit overwhelming

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the letter titled “ No Energy left” (readers’ forum, 15th September) by one “hopeful mains qualified candidate”. First things first, I believe there is a need for us to understand how powerful mass media can be. What we write here is going to be read by hundreds, all over Arunachal, and some even outside the state.
It could have an effect of influence, an effect of bringing out a myriad of emotions and responses; it could sway opinions in favour of someone, or against him. Needlessly to say, even the Honorable Judge hearing this particular case, may be going through it. Thus, there is need for one to confirm facts and figures before airing out views in an esteemed daily as this one.
In the article he states, “The Affidavit further read that 98 marks were given to all the commerce students”. Now, my dear friend, which affidavit was it that you got hold of? Because nowhere in the affidavit did I find the commission acknowledging 98 marks were given to the commerce students. In fact in the last paragraph of page 3 of the affidavit the commission states “Also, the details of calculation used, marks secured etc., cannot be revealed at this stage. The official records can be furnished in sealed cover as and when ask for by the hon’ble court”.
In the third paragraph the commission adds“ for the 49 questions which were out of syllabus, the commission had adequately compensated”.
You see, the commission has only said it has adequately compensated; it hasn’t stated that it has fully compensated. Also, we have no idea of the criteria used. Whether candidates were only compensated for the out-of-syllabus questions they attempted or they were compensated regardless of having attempted them.
Whether there was proportionate allocation or direct allocation. So many unanswered questions, and my esteemed fellow writer asks “ why the half truth?” Well that’s what the commission has fed us with at this moment. It has not divulged all details. Even if it did. The court would have the privilege of knowing them, not us.
And the frequent diatribes that the qualified candidates can also pursue the court is a bit overwhelming. We all know everyone has the right to move the court. Everyone is aware it. You definitely should, if you feel injustice has been done. The commerce candidates felt injustice has been done to them in the form of 79 relevant questions to them as against 125 of others, so they moved the court.
Also, there have been apprehensions regarding the level playing field being disrupted because of the compensatory marks. Well, what kind of level playing field do you assume 49 out of syllabus questions make. People have spoken of one mark mattering. What about 98?
Also, before posting letters which have facts and numbers and which can influence opinions, do check the veracity of the statements being made. Or one day, those concerned may themselves move the court against the writer for spreading false information.