Justifying mistakes

Dear Editor,
History tells us that even the hard-core criminal do not accept their mistakes. For example, most of the criminals in any central jail would never accept that they are criminal rather they will explain and justify themselves for any crime they have committed; they have their own version of reason and stories.
Likewise instead of finding alternatives to readdress the grievances of deprived aspirant, the APPSC is now justifying themselves in the court.
I am obliged to this daily for making the APPSC fiasco accessible to all the general public without prejudice. We are convinced that the general public are now well acquainted with this fiasco.
We are also indebted to Prof. Otem Paung and Dr. K Rajendra Babu for unveiling the truth and also for standing by our side.
Last year state’s who’s who constituted a Steering Committee to enquire and assist the deprived aspirant for errors in question, copy pasting, out of syllabus and for not maintaining moderation. Today we are saddened by their step brotherly love and affection. Hope they are not muted and amazed by sudden extravagant felicitation programs organised by our MLAs for their Constituency prelims qualified candidates as election is knocking at their door.
Our country’s legal system has lots of loopholes for obvious reason and if intended the verdict of the court (Judge) can go against any party.
The Commission knows our financial strain and in long legal battle the Commission will easily overrun us. But so far our efforts have already yielded in the form of APPSC secretary confessing that there were indeed technical errors due to wrong answer keys feed by the clerk in OMR sheet of 76 aspirants. The Commission also accepted that there were total of 46 questions among 125 questions in Commerce, which were out of syllabus.
By observing recent development in this fiasco such as repeated “to err is human”, Second result Notification, Clerical wrong answer keys provided in OMR sheets by staffs & acceptance of 46 questions which are out of syllabus for which grace marks or compensatory marks were provided to all the Commerce aspirants irrespective of serious or non – serious aspirants; the consequences of such act which further place the results of other serious aspirants in abyssal.
In this regard, we are hopeful that the APPSC Secretary may again confess that the same clerks who have feed wrong answer keys in OMR sheet of 76 aspirants have also feed right answer keys in OMR Sheet of some other optional papers.
Today public are witnessing how a powerful Commission is crushing poor deprived aspirants underneath their strong constitutional machinery sole; Common poor men are witnessing APPSC as one of the most inefficient Commission in India.
We have concluded that we can’t convince Chief Minister Pema Khandu about this fiasco as his cabinet has already nodded Commission to go ahead with mains exam.
Therefore, I request my fellow deprived aspirants to cease this fight, which will bear nothing. It is futile to swim upstream against a turbulent river. The barrel of government and their machinery are against us. It’s better to buy some broiler and roast by riverside and chill than to face a system whose foundation has been laid upon corruption. One of the demerits in democracy country is “Majority Factor”. The government itself represents majority. Our fight is like “Goliath Vs David”.
Frustrated Deprived Aspirants