Dear Editor,
This is to say that news published in your daily newspaper did 19-09-2018 with heading vet duped by post officials still awaits justice is one sided and fabricated.
There is ongoing enquiry by the department as well as CBI but mere allegation does not prove a person guilty unless and until it is proven in the court of justice.
In 2015, my wife Ranjana Singh had joined Sunpura Post Office on normal tenure transfer and I was posted at Namsai Post Office so there is no question of my involvement when another official was posted at Chowkham. Even when my wife was posted at Chowkham Post , I was posted at Namsai .
In the third para, it is written that CBI had mentioned the names of two officials Ranjana Singh and Padam Prasad Sharna , therefore I cannot be held responsible.
So I request your good self to look into the matter. All this is done to defame me and harm my social image. All the statements given are fabricated and false to degrade my social status.
Yours ,
Balraj Singh