Gratitude to police


Dear Editor,
As a denizen of Itanagar, I extend my sincere gratitude to our state police personnel for their untiring service. Amidst rising criminal activity in the town, their resolve and success in nabbing the culprits both in the recent hit and run case as well as murder case of the woman restores my faith in our personnel in uniform. I also salute them for their sincere attempts at curtailing anti-social activities in public places by conducting regular raids and surprise checking at places like IG Park. I appeal my fellow denizens to cooperate with our police personnel as and when required. Once again, thank you for your valuable service.
A citizen


Dear Editor,
All Takhe Welfare Association, Itanagar of Hong Village (Ziro) wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Police Department, Itanagar for arresting the culprit in the hit and run case where one of our members and senior citizen Takhe Rachi was killed at Gohpur.
We also thank all the individuals and civil Societies from different communities who supported and sympathized during the candle light march Programme on Sept 13. We further hope that the Police Department would give a logical and natural justice to the departed soul and its family members.
Takhe Kani
Takhe Tako
General Secretary,
ATWA, Itanagar