The Rising cases of Juvenile Delinquency

Dear Editor,
Recent news reports about series of crime in which juveniles are involved are alarming. We must not ignore or cast it away just as an act of crime. As per a Times of India report, Arunachal Pradesh is third in North East with 77 juveniles arrested during 2015-16. It is high time to ponder on the reasons and possible solutions for the same.
Our tribal societies have hitherto been closely knitted and simple. With the advent of the process of modernisation, the social control exerted traditionally by the family and the society is dwindling. The children are sent to cities for studies, they come under the influence of modernisation. But, there develops a cultural lag and they get trapped in the negative forces of Modernisation. Moreover, Parents from the villages who are not well versed with the process of ICT gets disconnected with their child, which affects the cohesiveness of the family, this is the paradox of ICT which was supposed to be ‘connecting people’.
Today, the social media also has a negative impact on the juvenile, most of the time they get entangled into the wrong companionship, and act as per their sub-group due to sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Movies and Cinemas which depicts violence and heroism send wrong messages for example Korean movies like ‘Crows Zero’. This becomes a reason, for juveniles getting attracted towards the negative reference group, in the process of anticipatory socialisation.
Another, issues that are emerging is the issue of intolerance in the society, when we look at both the cases of recent times, victims are non-tribal from other state. Within Arunachal, a sub-culture is started to grow for whom Non-tribal are inferior to Tribal. This kind of attitude of false pride is dangerous for any society in the long run.
One of the main reason behind the juvenile delinquency is alcohol or drug addicted. Alcohol is available in every corner illegally. The Juveniles gets addicted, and when they cannot fulfil their desire- they resort to wrong means. The illegal proliferation of alcohol makes it difficult for the authorities to implement the ban of alcohol to the minors.
The issue is serious, for not just about crime, but also about the forgone opportunity cost for the society, that any young child could have contributed. The problem need to be solved early. In this regard, role must be played by every stakeholder from every corner. Family is the first institution of socialisation, parents must keep in touch about the child and the things they are doing.
Adequate skills need to be provided to the juveniles who drops out of the school. Effective counselling should be organised in the schools and Parent-student interaction program should be a norm.
Moreover, authorities should try their best to nap the illegal vendors. Also, regular patrolling and community policing can be taken up. In this regard surprise checking being conducted in IG park is a step forward. Govt. may form a squad to keep an eye on various social media forums to check any antisocial element spreading hate messages and instigating violence.
Juvenile Delinquency is a problem that can have a cancerous effect on the existence of the society. Therefore, Govt., community and all the individuals together must make a concerted effort to stop it from spreading its roots too deep.
Nyatum Doke,