Regarding equal opportunity

Dear Editor,
This is concerning policy regarding equal opportunity to foreign graduates. Also seeking information regarding correctness of information.
Recently i came to know that one of my friends who had graduated in medical science from a foreign university wasn’t allowed to appear in exams related to administrative service of our state.
First of all i want to ask the concern policy makers, do we have any such rules ??
If we have, then aint it a violation of fundamental right of a citizen which is listed in our constitution as ” equal opportunity”.
Moreover isn’t it inhumane to snatch away a chance for which she/he had dedicated her precious 6-7 yrs to pursue knowledge?
So , my sincere request to the education or Human resource department, including recruiting agencies, whichever can intervene is to kindly look into the matter and find early solution so as to facilitate such graduates to work and share their knowledge in developing better Arunachal for future.
Gibbs, Naharlagun