Battle against all odds

The way Bollywood has reacted to the allegation of sexual misconduct leveled by actress Tanushree Dutta against actor Nana Patekar has shocked the whole country. The Indian film industry is notorious for allegation of sexual harassment and casting couch. Therefore when Tanushree opened up about sexual harassment case, everyone thought finally the Me To movement witnessed in western world against sexual violence will finally hit Bollywood. But to the horror of everyone, instead of supporting her majority of stars are maintaining stoic silences barring few who have supported her cause.
Dutta in an interview with Zoom TV recently said that back in 2008, she reported being sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn ‘OK’ Pleassss movie. Her account was corroborated by journalist Janice Sequeira who was on the sets that day. However instead of extending support to her all kind of mudslinging has been unleashed to malign her reputation. Some right wing supporters are even alleging of conspiracy by Western world to defame India by using Tanushree who recently came from America. This whole incident shows that Bollywood, like the rest of the nation, is a casteist, classist, sexist workplace, only with sequins and good music. Her story of sexual misconduct is so familiar in it its contours, so credible that one would have to work very hard to disbelieve it. Yet nobody seems to bother about it. This was a rare opportunity especially for the actresses to rally behind Tanushree to expose the dark side of Bollywood. But they have missed the bus. For now Tanushree is battling a lone battle and one can only hope that she wins this battle against all odds.