Change or extend dates

Dear Editor,
Nowadays, it feels like APPSC conducts exam just as a formality. Their timings of the exam looks like they don’t care if the person pass the exam. The recent exam date for Joint BDO exam which is to be conducted on October 21 is an example. Every time we fill up exam forms, we do it with the intention of passing the exam and getting employment but the exam timings of APPSC does not coincide with our intention. I am a prelims qualifier of the APPSC exam and going through all kinds of strains in the preparation for mains and suddenly, APPSC announce its exam for Jt. BDO. The APPSC should understand that every exam need some preparation time for any exam, but their sudden announcement after more than one year of filling up of form has led to dilemma on whether to study for Jt.BDO or for Mains exam. Its like APPSC is giving us options to choose one of the exams as nobody can give both the exam at the same time and we have to face the Jt. bDO exam for just formality.
We tried to persuade the department to at least postpon the date of Mains exam for at least one more month and they rudely answered that they will not when the students never care for their problems.
Its like the Department is taking revenge of the so called deprived students from us.
I would, through your daily request APPSC to look into such problems and try to conduct a fair exam. In this case, please, extend the date of Mains exam for at least one more month or conduct it in the last week of November so that we get ample time to face both the exams.
An aspirant