Seminar on Mahatma Gandhi

Governor e-inaugurates NIT’s Gandhi Study Centre

ITANAGAR, Oct 2: The Raj Bhavan organised a seminar titled ‘Understanding the Mahatma – through the path of ahimsa’ here to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti on Tuesday.
The event saw the participation of youths along with students and faculty members of RGU, the NIT, the NERIST, DNGC, and Bini Yanga Government Women College (BYGWC).
Addressing the seminar, Governor BD Mishra spoke about Gandhian thoughts and philosophy, and urged the youths to follow the principles of honesty, integrity, and accountability, and to fight against corruption.
Nirigi Linggi (from the NERIST), T Tarun Reddy (NIT), Gami Bogo (RGU), Sara Kino (DNGC), Phurpa Lhamu (RGU), and Tage Yami and Bini Yanga (BYGWC) presented papers at the seminar, and Mishra presented complimentary awards to the participants of the seminar.
The governor also e-inaugurated the Gandhi Study Centre (GSC) of the NIT from Raj Bhavan.
Among others, the governor’s wife Neelam Misra and NIT Director Prof P Mohanta were present on the occasion.
The GSC is an initiative of the governor, and aims to spread the messages of Mahatma Gandhi among the people of the state, especially the young. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)