Negative campaign and hatred against children of mixed marriages

Dear Editor,
Already too much of hatred and negative campaigning has been done and carried out in social media and society against the off springs out of the mixed marriage. Other side of the story was never told even by the Media which is suppose to be impartial in any matter. Nowadays anyone can knock the court of law for justice so one should be very careful before putting an allegation against anybody and before tarnishing his or her image in public. There are cases of valid/legal adoptions and acceptance by the society of such children. There are some special and exceptional cases in every society. And the law is clear about it. In rare cases, it is there, whether the society is matrilineal or patrilineal. The main deciding factor is the acceptance by the society and assimilation in that community. However, there may be some illegal beneficiaries but genuine cases should be compared with them.
As regards to the question or confusions about the married Arunachali woman to a Non-APST, please update yourself clearly that ST is a birth right and can’t be changed after marriage. It is unalterable. She will remain a ST till her death, even after her marriage to a Non-ST or to any Indian from any place. State govt. has limitation in this as it is a central subject and a constitutional amendment in the Parliament is necessary to change this. So please don’t spread negativity, false news hatred in the society. It is heard that some students are roaming around in Basar town and asking ILPs from innocent married woman to Non-APST. Please don’t do this. Don’t mis-use the youth power for harassing people. There are other crucial issues to be solved for the state like heavy corruption by officers & the refugee issue. It seems that after failing in it’s attempt to drive out the refugees like the Chakma, Hajongs, Rohingiyas muslims & Tibetans from the state, now the gun has been turned against the genuine Indians and their own sisters. It is an appeal to media to present the other side of story also.