Open letter to CM regarding vehicular traffic

Dear Editor,
I write to your good self to express my concern over the problems of excessive traffic faced by commuters during peak hours every day in Naharlagun. The roads of the town have become so crowded with vehicles that long traffic jams are everyday affair now. These long traffic jams cause so much of loss to the state. Millions of working hours are wasted every day because of these traffic jams. Fuel worth lots of rupees gets wasted by vehicles stuck up in
these jams and many more, all this because of no proper and alternative road in Naharlagun for proper traffic assign.
Through all above concern issue I would like draw your kind attention to a Two Uncomplete bridge construction in this area i.e, 1) Valley bridge between Naharlgun to Borum(Yupia) and 2) RCC bridge between Yupia railway station to Lekhi near Essar petrol pump.
Construction of both side approach road works and sub-structure like footing, pier column and pier cap have been completed so far, but further no works for super structure have been started since two years.
As a common citizen my question to the authority that till today why super-structures works is not started? Why so much delay in works as foundation stone was laid 4 years ago?
Therefore as concern citizen I appeal to the construction agency and authority to immediately start the pending works of bridge for better traffic.
Tayum Sonu,