For a fair recruitment

Dear Editor,
In the last couple of years the APSC has been under controversies for one or the other reason. The most recent being controversy over plagiarism, out of syllabus question, lack of moderation of questions resulting in court cases.
All these events have eventually created doubts about the competency and credibility of the Public Service Commission.
Therefore, it is a humble request to commission to ensure that there shall be no plagiarism, out of syllabus questions and lack of moderation of questions for the forthcoming TGTs and PGTs examination especially on concerned subject so that competition doesn’t turn out to be like lucky draw as well as to avoid any future controversy akin to APPSCCE prelims.
In spite of commission being plagued by controversies for all the wrong reasons, there is hope on the commission that it will ensure fair, transparent and best recruitment.
Aspiring TGTs