We are not cry babies

Dear Editor,
This is in response to “prerogatives and sanctity of APPSC” by one Tiger Niling.
Since the onset of our fight for rights, commerce students are being called the “unsuccessful”, ” inefficient”, “crybaby”.
We are not efficient, just got little unlucky.
The people like Tiger Niling has forget the basic right provided to us by our Constitution that is called “Right to Freedom of Opportunity”. Our right had been curtailed because of few mistakes done by the department, as many of the questions which we faced were out of syllabus, which they themselves agreed to. Our fight is just against that.
We are one of you, it’s just that since you are on the other side, doesn’t give you the right to judge us. This fight is not against the sanctity of APPSC, but against what and how such an esteem department can hamper the lives of a student who had been so seriously preparing for the exam with a dream and expectations and their unfair means had ruined everything. Now if you say, a serious student could have tackled every question, then b I have nothing to say to you, not even about the point of providing syllabus. So, I would seriously request you to keep preparing seriously for your exam and leave the fight for our right to us and try to avoid being judgmental.