Forum welcomes defamation suit

ITANAGAR, Oct 9: In response to the defamation suit threatened by Power Minister Tamiyo Taga’s son Taging Taga on Monday, the 32nd Rumgong Intellectual Forum has welcomed the defamation suit and said it stands by its claim that the power minister has been indulging in nepotism and favouritism in his constituency in terms of developmental activities.
The forum stated in a press release on Tuesday that it is a “non-political voluntary organization” which is not supported by any political party or candidate.
“It is well known to the people of the state that Power Minister’s wife Yameng Taga Payum/Rumgong is listed in the 2004 PDS scam case accused list in serial no 49 of the 96 accused which was revealed by the Gauhati High Court, whereas his wife is serving as a teacher in education department,” the forum further claimed.