Don’t support anti-social elements

The arrest of two persons for intimidating an Itanagar Traffic Warden (ITW) on Saturday is matter of deep concern. These ITW’s, though meagerly paid work hard to manage traffic in a chaotic places like Itanagar and Naharlagun. They deserve massive respect for their tireless dedication to the job. Whether it is heavy rain, scorching heat or freezing cold the ITWs are always at work. Also managing traffic in Itanagar and Naharlagun is a herculean task. Here people take pride in breaking laws and boasting about it. One of the main reasons for constant traffic jam in capital complex is the erratic driving culture. Most of the citizens do not follow traffic rules.
Therefore, it is not an easy task to manage traffic under such circumstances. Ever since the ITWs have been posted in capital region, the traffic situation has considerably improved. Also this is not first such case of citizens trying to intimidate traffic officials. Many incidents go unreported. The police should ensure strict punishment for the arrested duo. Unless there is genuine fear for law, the capital region will continue to witness these kinds of lawlessness. The law enforcing agencies will have to walk extra mile to make twin town Itanagar and Naharlagun, a better places to live. The citizen also will have to play their part. No one should support anti-social elements. Over the years the patronage given to them based on tribe, clan, region, etc have emboldened them. This has to be put an end.