#MeToo and justice

Dear Editor,
This is in response to your editorial, “Let MJ Akbar face investigation” (October 16, 2018). A narrative has been created to accuse #MeToo movement of being elitist. But such a narrative does not hold water.
The movement could have been called elitist if it were a battle between elite women and poor and powerless men. On the contrary, #MeToo campaign till now has showcased a complete reverse picture. It is a battle between elite women and more powerful elite men.
There is also another narrative to dismiss the movement by saying that those who have launched the movement in India are not goddesses. This is another bogus argument. Never has a single crusader of #MeToo movement claimed that she is a “Devi” and she should be worshipped as such. The demand of the #MeToo movement is simple. It wants justice for some women as they were allegedly not treated as human beings.
Sujit De,