Dry water tap and smart cities

Dear Editor,
I was sitting in the train bound for Naharlagun- this was my first train journey to the State. I felt happy thinking about the level of development (some) in terms of communication our state has made. I fall asleep contentedly with the chugchug melody of the wheels.
Finally, when I arrived early in the morning at Naharlagun station , I went to the washing basin to wash my face and my happy experience got sour. Alas, there was no water! I ran to the another and pressed the Tap- dry!
This is the problem with us and our state, which is haunting us like the Banguo’s Ghost in the Macbeth. We demand for modern means of communications (airport, railways etc), smart cities and all the state of the art technologies- but we seldom maintain it, once we get.
This prismatic attitude is no longer conducive for a state which is striving to “Rise” and endeavouring hard for “Arunachal Rising”. Ours is a state where development of any assets takes considerable time and huge amount of -money owing to many inherent difficulties . So, any asset that is created must be preserved and maintained in a best possible way. We must ponder deep, authorities should become responsive, responsible and proactive and people of our state needs to participative and be cooperative.
Any asset created is the asset of the entire state and its people. They are the engines of the development of the state which we deliberate so much about.
The onus is on all of us, to keep the engines of our development smoothly functioning, and running. Only then, our state will be able to run with the melodious rhythm on the wheels of growth, development and prosperity.
Nyatum Doke