Rewriting history

Dear Editor,
Indeed it is nice to see teardrops being shed on the traditional indifference towards marginalized Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and his unfathomable contribution!
But why don’t the current self-declared lovers of Netaji indulge in a serious attempt to unearth the mystery revolving his disappearance!
Some files concerning Netaji had been released with much fanfare a couple of years ago. But the information released through such files are hardly relevant as far as Netaji’s disappearance saga is concerned. Yes, there lies every reason to believe that Netaji’s disappearance and conspiracy are synonymous terms. Some “nationalists” also come up with the theory of “international relation” to be “harmed” if all Netaji files get disclosed! This hush-hush matter directly proves that indeed there lies something fishy related to Netaji’s disappearance. Now which is the bigger issue — “international relationship” or the fate of that epitome of patriotism named Netaji who had sacrificed his career and devoted his entire life for the sake of independence of the motherland from imperialist force? If the answer is “international relationship”, then the sincerity of solving the mystery and accountability towards Netaji stands blatantly exposed!
Netaji was secular to the core and epitome of social harmony. He believed that religion should ideally remain confined to one’s personal/private domain only. Rather he nurtured undiluted love for the motherland so as to bind all Indian soldiers psychologically and work towards common goal.
What a sharp contrast to the present state of affairs when religion has been allowed to infiltrate even the social life and political sphere also in this heterogeneous Constitutionally secular nation with Ram Temple and “Gomata” calling the shots leading to violence and supreme intolerance towards the food habits, dignity, human rights and freedom of speech of our very own fellow Indian brothers and sisters who are “guilty” of being minorities, Dalits, liberal, rationalists and secular in this officially independent free nation!
This newly discovered Netaji-obsession reminds us of the tears for “Ganga Mata” treating it as “National River”, yet Prof. G.D.Agarwal was allowed to embrace death after 111 days of fast while demanding the protection of the river! This proves that the systematic destruction and murder of Ganga by the vested interests are matters of least concern for the “devotees” of the river and their only interest lie in exploiting foolish religious sentiments revolving Ganga with the sole aim of ensuring Hindu imperialism in this secular multi-religious heterogeneous nation, thereby earning the votes of Hindutva communal fanatics. What a blatant specimen of hypocrisy!
Similarly instead of paying mere lip service towards this Patriot of Patriots, let respect be awarded to him through practical deed not only by taking the initiative of releasing all “sensitive” files so as to resolve the mystery behind his disappearance; but also waking up to the secular values, ethics and humanity as propagated by Netaji so as to unite the country in psychic terms and thereby award him due honour through positive action on the ground.
Respect towards Netaji! Or hatred towards THE FAMILY! Yes, the FAMILY and successive Governments under its influence indeed discriminated against Netaji and his contribution legacy and memory, but at least it’s HEAD had come out as a lawyer and defended the INA prisoners during their trial in Red Fort on November 1945 and this piece of history can never be rewritten unlike Allahabad to Prayagraj!
Kajal Chatterjee,