Need for watches in exam

Dear Editor,
I reiterate the request being made to the commission from several quarters regarding the provision of wall clocks. Directions in the admit card shed light on no watches, whether digital or analogue, being allowed. Three hours to be spent in the examination hall may seem painful for those not prepared, but for the serious candidates it does play a vital role.
I humbly request the commission to please look into this genuine concern. With just over a fortnight to go before the mains exam gets underway, commission has about enough time to ensure that there are an adequate number of clocks in the examination hall, and not just one at the front, invisible to those behind. Even better would be if the commission allows analogous watches through an official notification. Even the UPSC allows analogous watches.
I have been a witness to candidates even bringing table clocks to the mains exam.
Peace of mind and provision of adequate time management forms an important part of fair conduct of examinations.
Khandu Thongdok