Mental health and positive thoughts

Dear Editor,
Mental health is an important aspect of our life and should never be neglected at any cost over other priorities in life.
It is quite unfortunate that a large section of members of our present day society is pushed towards anxiety and depression due to numerous factors; and is moving towards alcohol and drug abuse or suicide to overcome their so called failures in life.
Life is an opportunity to work through for positive changes and not for giving up.
Negative feelings such as frustration and depressions are worse than being sad as it damages the internal spirit of an individual and further traps us in a vicious cycle of abysmal darkness and perpetual hopelessness.
It is, therefore, important to always look forward in life, try not to feel down or depressed, try and make every inch of our life useful, blissful, peaceful and rewarding to the best of our abilities. We should not allow negative thoughts to rule or command our lives, have faith on our talents and inner strength, try to be positive and today and tomorrow life will submit to our challenges.
Life is not a bed of roses; and there will be numerous critical and/or depression points pushing us towards the wall.
We should never live life like inhabiting an isolated island. We need to continuously feed our mind with positive thoughts and positive work; and keep our body active through regular exercise to fight any depression and frustration. Stronger we make our inner selves better we will be able to deal with our mental health.
Saikat Kumar Basu