Democracy is like a tree

Dear Editor,
Dictatorship does not always begin after a military coup d’etat or violent seizure of power by a group. It can also slowly grow within the courtyard of a democratic country. But a leader in a democracy cannot become a dictator so long as there exist democratic institutions. However, it happened many times in history that such leaders started undermining the institutions after coming to power in a democratic manner by the weight of their popularity. After that the constitution is moulded so that they can enjoy absolute power as long as they want to.
Democracy cannot survive if its institutions are undermined. Democracy is like trees. We will be able to get fragrance of beautiful flowers ~ equality, liberty, fraternity, justice and welfare if we can take care of the trees. But for that we are to provide them with water in the form of debate and dialogue every day.
Moreover, a democracy tree produces flowers only when all of its major branches ~ legislature, executive and judiciary and other branches ~ financial, banking, investigative, educational institutions get the air of transparency and unhindered sunlight of importance.
But the most essential of all is the constitution soil. If some toxic elements get mixed with the soil then the democracy tree will die a slow death. One day all of its leaves become dry. Then only the skeleton of the tree will remain. Soon the tree will turn into a dry naked question mark in front of our moist eyes.
Sujit De,