Last hope

A section of the residents of Itanagar, especially the building owners whose properties will get affected by construction of 4 lane highway on NH415 are strongly resisting the eviction drive being undertaken by capital district administration. For the last few days the officials of district administration (DA) are carrying out eviction of structures to make way for construction of four lane highway. But the building owners are continuously obstructing the work and are creating big hurdle. While DA claims that all the land affected people have been paid compensations, the building owners feigns ignorance and have alleged administration of illegally carrying out eviction drive. Some of them have even gone to the court.
There is chaos and confusion among the people. This whole situation is avoidable. Both the parties should find an acceptable solution and allow the construction of four lane road to go ahead without any hindrance. It is a long felt dream of the citizens of capital complex to have world class highway in the capital region. The Itanagar to Banderdewa four lane road project is the last of hope of the denizens. If this project also fails, the people of capital complex should forget the dream of having four lane road in its own backyard. In the greater interest of the state this issue should be resolved at the earliest. The more this is dragged on, the more it will delay the project.