Assn seeks compensation

ITANAGAR, Oct 29: The Itanagar Commercial Building Affected Owners Welfare Association (ICBAOWA) has demanded compensation as per the existing rates and norms before taking another three metres of land for the construction of NH 415.
“It will be unfair to demolish our commercial buildings worth lakhs and crores. Before taking 3 metres of our land and demolishing our commercial buildings, we are to be fairly compensated as per the existing rates and norms,” the association stated in a release.
Seeking to clarify “misconception and rumours” that the association was obstructing the construction of the four-lane highway from Chandranagar to Papu Nallah-Jullang tri-junction by illegally demanding compensation already paid to the land affected people and building owners, the association said, “Our demand is not illegal; it is our right to get fair and equal compensation for our land and buildings which is allotted by the district administration and we are paying revenue to them.”
It appealed to the authorities not to demolish “genuine commercial buildings” until the matter is amicably resolved.
“We are ready to negotiate with the state government and district administration through a round table for the early solution of the compensation issue of taking of another 3 metres of land from affected commercial building owners,” it said.