An open letter to CM on APPSC Crisis

Dear Editor,
I would appeal the CM to kindly take lead of the most prestigious institution of our state.
Being the chief executive of our state, its your responsibility to monitor and take control of this APCS crisis in your capable hands.
This appeal would not have been necessary if the APPSCCE members were alert and cautious to learn from past mistakes and improvised. Contrarily, every step they have taken has only aggravated the present scenario.
Earlier, it was only about the aggrieved candidates and their woes. Now there are two more groups-pro-date(supporting exam on 10.11.18)and post-date(requesting postponing of the date)candidates.
Well both of them have their own valid concerns which ought to be addressed immediately. But there are few things I have to say:
1.I have never heard or seen any exam being held with decision to conduct it taken just a day before. With all these legal issues to be fought in court, how will APPSC members regulate and execute their staffs to conduct mains effectively in one day(which they fail to do so even during normal period)?
2.Assuming exam takes place and finishes in time: what happens if the court decision comes against it (a possibility)? Will the results be declared void and exam re-conducted? So isn’t it better to conduct exam when everything becomes crystal clear with no room for any doubts?
3.Morever this not a battle about who’s prepared well and not. Its not an intelligence test about finding out who is Einstein or not. Rather it is about mental and logistic preparedness of APPSC members to conduct this exam effectively and fairly within one day of taking decision.
4.Last reason is purely my selfish one(but I am sure many like me will agree). I am from eastern Arunachal with no home, relatives or rent in capital complex. So it would be better for my purse if it becomes clear whether exam will be held definitely on 10.11.18 or not.
If APPSC says it will only decide one day before exam than it shows their concern for us who cant come to capital willingly every time. And I believe I have my views too.
Post-date candidate