Against uncertainty, insecurity and instability

Dear Editor,
APPSC mains candidates are facing great mental upset and state of dilemma in the important time. The court hearing is on 8.11.18 and mains exam is on 10.11.18!
When asked about this conflicting dates, the secretary says they will decide on 9.11.18 which is just a day before mains. How are candidates going to appear in exam? In a state of mental readiness or in a state of confusions, dilemma, unrest and mental hardship?
APPSCE being the most prestigious exam of the state, we qualifiers have a certain expectations from it.
We should not be victimized in the process. We want the commission to take into account the mental hardships and unrest that we as mains qualified candidates have been going through for the past few months and totally torn in last few days.
The objective of this plea is against uncertainty, insecurity and instability and not because of unpreparedness. In the exam hall, peace is maintained during examination but what is the justification of such peaceful and free-fair examination if candidates have to face mental trauma before entering the hall?
Where goes the ethics?
I have never heard or seen any exam being held with decision to conduct it taken just a day before.
Whatever be the decision of court but please help to postpone the exam at least for few days so that we can appear in peaceful state of mind.
A Candidate