Postpone the exam

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the news item, “Qualified candidates seek exam after HC decision “dated 5th November, 2018. While completely agreeing with the demands put by the aggrieved Mains qualified candidates, we reiterate that the APPSC postpone the exam till a conducive environment is created. Because, the current chaotic and uncertain situation is the Commission’s own creation. In 2013 also, during the paper leakage incident, the APPSC was adamant to conduct the exams even after there was the unfortunate incident of paper leakage. The candidates were left with no option but to boycott the exams, and it was a full success. And, after a long drawn struggle, fresh examination was conducted.
Today, the case is not very different, and, it is the duty and responsibility of the APPSC to clear the air of uncertainty and create a conducive environment for all the candidates. But, instead of performing its duty efficiently, the Commission is adamant to conduct the exam in such an uncertain environment.
Through this, we therefore make our final appeal to the APPSC to kindly postpone the exam till a conducive environment is created. And, through this, we would like to tell the 450 Mains qualified candidates that we are completely with you and it will be more than 1000 plus candidates.
If the APPSC is adamant even after making the human errors and creating such situation for us, we must not give up and fight till the end to boycott this exam.
Mains qualified aspirants