Tactics to influence the commission won’t work

Dear Editor,
Don’t entertain selfish, irrational and individualistic claims.
Amongst all the parties at stake in the ongoing APPSC fiasco, the ‘party pushing for postponing’ of the date of the exam is the worst, most hypocritic and self-centered group. They label themselves as the serious candidate- but, going around making spurious demands with their speculative conjectures and rigmarole. No serious candidates would have time for doing this things-running around a week before the exam.
The so-called “mental torture and dilemma” is nothing but the creation of this group demanding for Postponement. Earlier, despite the case, everyone was studying at peace. Why are they speculating things and bringing up stories? There have been many instances around where both the case and the other things go side by side. Also, postponement won’t change anything, except fulfilling their selfish demands.
If they are so much concern about exam getting scrapped then ask for the cancellation and re-conduct of the exam with CSAT in a time-bound manner, file petition in high court supporting the claims of the commerce candidates.
Tactics like giving imaginary numbers (451) to influence the commission on their whims won’t work. APPSC should not entertain such fake and farcical claims unless the Court directs it otherwise.
It doesn’t represent the entire qualified candidates; they are just a bunch of selfish, irrational and individual opinions.
I would also request Arunachal Times to stop publishing and giving daily commentary on such irrelevant individual claims.