Question for APPSC and APCS aspirants

Dear Editor,
This is regarding APPSCCE (MAINS) 2018.
A few questions for the perusal of the respected Chairman & Secretary (APCS) :
1. Why are you so adamant on getting the mains conducted on 10th November 2018? You cited reasons like pressure from CMO, but i ask, is your constitutional autonomy a mere card you can choose to play or not to play as and when it seems to serve your cause?
2. Why not first conduct the dozens of pending exams & interviews which arent facing any sort of legal proceedings at the moment? Aren’t recruitment exams like TGT & PGT, which are yet to see the light of the day, of more immediate nature considering the plight of our government schools? Quality education first, able and adequate administrators later any day for me.
3. If you so believe that you haven’t erred, why not first come clean by proving it in the court of law? Since you can’t gaurantee that the mains held at this juncture wont be scrapped at a later stage, why are you so adamant on moving further ahead into murkier waters? The combined exam being the most prestigious, shouldn’t it be held in the best possible, error free and future proof manner?
Some questions for the fellow aspirants who are supporting the commission on conduction of exam as per their schedule :
1. All is fair in love and war. It seems the coveted APPSC exam has been equated to war lately since you guys are looking to seize upon this opportune moment, under the assumption that most of the aspirants aren’t well prepared. The fact of the matter is that many well prepared aspirants too are reluctant to give the exam on 10th because of the legal complications. Will you pride yourself on becoming a civil servant under such controversial circumstances?
2. What is the nature of your urgency if not for the above mentioned point? Each one of us has made a lot of sacrifices some way or the other up until now. If the exam dates get dragged on its the same for all of us too. I doubt anyone is a 100% prepared given the vastness of the exam syllabi. Even if completed, multiple revisions will be for your own good only.
Therefore, I would like to make an appeal to all concerned to arrive at a logical conclusion first and only then go ahead with the exam. If the exam is held now under such circumstances there are bound to be repercussions and it won’t bode well for the majority of the aspirants. Is it too much to ask for a conducive atmosphere with an air of certainty and assured legitimacy during the ordeal of the states most coveted exam?
May good conscience prevail!
Yours ,
A Serious Mains Aspirant