Full the moral responsibility

Dear Editor,
The tiresome and irksome saga of the unending and unfair APPSC Main’s Exam still continues. First of all to all your other loyal readers who have passed more of their judgment than their opinion and labelled the aspirants striving for their right as ‘non-serious’ was uncalled for. Also, reportedly “most” of the aspirants asking for conduction of mains exam from 10th of this month are the ones who have already been trying for many years and thus have had with them years of “harassment-free” preparation and apparently do not have the appetite for fair competition and are seeking for their selfish interests to be fulfilled.
Now coming to the matter, first of all I have never heard or read in any rule book of THE Commission that along with the 3 explicit parameters for selection viz. Preliminary Test, Mains and Viva Voice there is another implicit parameter of coping with the mental harassment that has been going on since no less than the time from when the Prelims result has been out.
Secondly, the demand is for postponement of the exam for one basic reason i.e. to maintain the sanctity of our hardwork. It means that what will happen if after conducting the exam the Honourable Court tells the Commission to scrap the whole exam altogether? This possibility cannot be ruled out because there are precedents of such happenings.
Thirdly, unlike the “serious” aspirants who judge without proper data, in reality the percentage of mains qualified aspirants who are demanding for postponement is no less than 50% of the total mains qualified which tells everybody concerned the story one needs to know about this saga.
Finally I would like to urge and demand the Commission to fulfill its moral duty without succumbing to any pressure, political or otherwise and postpone the exam for the better or else it will be the murder of democracy by a Constitutional body, a travesty!
A hopeful and serious aspirant