What is the basis of protest?

Dear Editor,
I have been waiting to write this exam since 2011 and from next year I won’t be eligible for this exam. I want to question the one who are trying to stop this exam from taking place that what is the actual base behind your demand? What is anyone going to gain out of this except for some more time to study? Then it’s a very shameful and selfish act being done by them which is disturbing the whole environment. It’s you guys who have made this exam process a joke.
You say that you are conducting ‘Democratic movement’ but by violating our fundamental right. You are not only playing with your life but even the one who are appearing for the exam. Even after all our efforts to perform 100% in the exam it’s because of the disturbance created by you guys we are not able to perform at our best. Will you be responsible for my failure?
Therefore, I appeal the commission to anyhow conduct this exam. We will stand by the commission for completion.
Mains writing student