Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied

Dear Editor,
While the honourable court could have directed the constitution of an expert committee way back in August when allegations regarding out of syllabus questions were made, its decision to do so at the latest hearing has not come too late, and is definitely welcome.
In the ongoing fiasco between the commission, the mains appearing and the non-appearing, we have probably forgotten who the real aggrieved candidates are- the commerce fraternity.
While I myself qualified prelims with commerce optional and am one of the mains appearing ones, what I finally wish for is justice for my commerce brothers and sisters, which through this court order, I am confident would be served once the expert committee submits it’s report.
Let me tell you why the ball may be just be on the commerce fraternity’s court now. It is because the anomalies in our paper was serious, which even the commission acknowledged (minimum 49 out of syllabus questions), and which I believe is what the expert committee would put forward in their report.
Forget about equality in mains, equality had already been given a sound burial in prelims itself.
My dear commerce friends, justice may be delayed, it definitely won’t be denied. Let us all look forward positively, to a court order in January, directing a re-conduct from scratch. A re-conduct of the preliminary round would not only be justified, it is also the best alternative to the ongoing fiasco.
Qualified Candidates, who aren’t appearing, please pray for a favourable court order in January, because legitimacy of your present demand stands on shaky grounds. And while I can vouch for a re-conduct from scratch, a reconduct of the ongoing mains, is probably not going to happen. The Commission is on a stronger foot as far as the mains exam is concerned. All of us know that well.
Mains appearing commerce candidate