Politicians should stay out of APPSC exam

Dear Editor,
This is in regard to the APCC’s demand to cancel the APPSC exam. It would be much better if the political parties stop warming their hands on the fire gushing over the ongoing tussle between APPSC department and the candidate. Every Political party should know that there are two sides of the candidates in the ongoing tussle, both having genuine rights and demands, so taking a single side is not justified. Let the Honourable court decide the tussle. It was Court’s decision to carry on with the exam and it is because of this that many candidates who had been preparing for this exam since so long in their career life, gave the exam. Even if tomorrow Court decides for re-exam, we will again be ready with same enthusiasm, but nowhere in this whole situation does the involvement of Ruling and opposition Political parties seem necessary.
To the protesting candidates, I would like to share my views, that there had been enough preparatory times given for the exam.
The exam was notified in 2016, one exam in 2017 was scrapped because of silly reasons but huge protest. Then after conducting the Preliminary exam in July 2018, the result was out on 2nd August 2018 and the exam date was stipulated for November i.e whole 3 months before the mains exam stipulated date, was the exam date notified, then on what ground is the demand for Postponement arises. What does any candidates had to do with the court’s proceeding, they should have carried on their duty and that is to study and be prepared. You speak about conducive environment; I say there had been enough Conducive environment time. The protesting candidate should also know that we didn’t fall down from sky, we had been facing same environment, but managed to be prepared, and then how come you are speaking on behalf of whole candidates.
I would like request the APPSC and CM not to succumb under the demands of Protesting Candidates and take notice of the candidates who decided to abide by the Law and gave the exam having full respect, faith and trust upon the Courts decision and the APPSC department.
Mains Candidate