Min calls for preserving tradition, culture

BHALUKPONG, Nov 15: PHED Minister Wangki Lowang emphasized the need of preserving traditions and culture for the protection of the identity of the indigenous people of the state.
Addressing the Aka (Hrusso) community on the occasion of the 46th Nyethrii-Dow festival here in West Kameng district on Thursday, Lowang said the traditional values and culture of the tribal society should be passed on to the younger generation for protection and preservation.
“We should also insist that our children speak our own dialects; otherwise we may lose our identity in times to come,” he said.
Responding to memorandum submitted by the celebration committee, seeking construction of a festival ground and a sports complex, and for protection measures against erosion by the river, the minister assured to take it up with the chief minister.
Local MLA Kumsi Sidisow briefed about the weeklong celebration. He also spoke about the developmental activities being carried out in the area.
Festival committee chairman Lama Sidisow, general secretary Tenzing Dususow and executive member Gidu Delusow also spoke.