Awareness prog on sago palm pulp organised

KOLORIANG, Nov 17: Fifty beneficiaries, including farmers and entrepreneurs, participated in an awareness programme on ‘conservation, cultivation, sustainable utilization and nutritional value of tashe (sago palm pulp)’ organised here in Kurung Kumey district by the CSIR-North East Institute of Science and Technology’s (CSIR-NEIST) Itanagar branch laboratory on Saturday.
The programme was conducted in collaboration with the Lifeline Multipurpose Society Limited (LMSL).
Addressing the participants, LMSL secretary Kipa Tugung spoke on the advantages and uses of tashe compared to other cultivated crops such as cardamom, and LMSL promoter Kipa Kaman advocated conserving and cultivating tashe throughout the state for income generation, and assured to provide support to interested farmers.
Farmers can also seek support from the national banks in this regard.
Senior scientist from CSIR-NEIST Itanagar branch, Dr Chandan Tamuly, delivered a talk on the importance of tashe, its nutritional value, and its health benefits.
“Tashe is used as a substitute of staple food, particularly by the Puroik community of the state. During the time of food crises the locals used it as their primary food,” Dr Tamuly said.
He said that, according to villagers, tashe can cure diarrhoea, indigestion, etc.
“It has been found that tashe is a good energy supplier and contains high amounts of carbohydrate, potassium, calcium, etc,” Dr Tamuly said, adding that the locals also use tashe as fertilizers, and for making local wine, broomsticks, cattle feed, mattresses, cushions, etc.
He said that, “after proper bio-chemical analysis,” tashe can be used as a source of income generation.
“However, market linkage is a major concern in this regard. A suitable market linkage can be established with the help of NGOs, SHGs and cooperative societies, he said.